The following is a checklist for preparing boxes for drop off.

Shipping Checklist:

Meat must be frozen before being put into styrofoam containers in order to ensure proper temperature.

Boxes cannot be over 50 LBS due to the weight capacity of the truck. Anything exceeding this amount will not be accepted.

ORIGINAL Game Export Permit and PHOTOCOPY of hunting license MUST be left at drop-off point. (DO NOT tape originals to box.)

A PHOTOCOPY of the Game Export Permit and the Hunting License must be attached to the end of one box, per hunter, in a clear envelope.

Butcher's business name and FDA registration number must be marked on same end of a box (if available).

Remember: A PN (Prior Notice) Number is not necessary.

The hunter's home address must NOT appear on any of the boxes, only the hunter's name and the destination of meat (cold storage facility in the USA), and this information must be written in large, bold letters on every box. Moreover, the license attached to one of the boxes must also match the hunter's name.

Antlers must be wrapped in same manner as if shipping with airlines (all meat must be removed and points covered). Antlers not cleaned sufficiently—flesh still left on the antlers, for example—will be refused. Also ensure that the hunter's name and destination of the antlers are visible on some part of the antlers. Writing the relevant information on a large piece of cardboard and then taping the cardboard to the antlers is an acceptable way of labeling antlers.

Also, Please Note that Antlers shipped to the TEXAS destination must be boxed or crated.

A "Cites Permit" is required to ship bear-related products to the USA. We will not accept any bear-related products—meat, hide and skulls, for example—unless this permit accompanies the product being dropped off to us. Moreover, we, Central NL Shipping, get the ORIGINAL cites permit, and you, the Outfitter, must attach a COPY of said permit to one of the boxes. A copy of this permit and a copy of the bear license must be attached to one of the boxes in a clear envelop. Also, please ensure that this permit includes ALL relevant information, matches what is being shipped. If both meat and hide are being shipped, then both meat and hide must be specified on the permit. It is important that this permit is filled out properly because one of our valued customers had their meat confiscated at the border because their Outfitter did not include all the relevant information. The cites permit indicated that only a bear hide was being shipped, but when the FDA opened the box and found meat in it, the meat was duly confiscated.

To ensure a smooth year without loss to our valued clients and/or ourselves, we appreciate your cooperation. Should you have any questions, contact us at the number below or contact us by email. We are happy to answer any questions that you might have.