What you need to know about shipping game back home.

 We ship ONCE a year, usually the last week in November. Once we receive your meat and/or antlers from your Outfitter, it is kept in a cold-storage facility in NL until we ship your product to the USA in a refrigerated truck.

Shipping Destinations:

Please Note: We will NOT be shipping to Fortworth, TX; Eagon, MN; or Cincinnati, OH in 2019.

Due to supply and demand, we do not, unfortunately, ship to the western part/s of the USA. The destinations listed above are the only drop-off points for our American customers. West-coast American customers usually have their product shipped to the furthest destination west and then make additional shipping arrangements to get their meat home. Frozen Food Express, Fedex and UPS are popular choices utililized by these customers.

Shipping Costs:

First Box Add'l Boxes Antlers w Boxes Antlers w/o Boxes

US CUSTOMERS $184.00 US Tax inc.


US CUSTOMERS $103.50 US Tax inc.




US CUSTOMERS $138.00 US Tax inc.


We DO NOT accept American Express. We are happy to accept Visa, MasterCard, cash and Money Order.

More Things To Know:

Once a hunter's product arrives in the USA—product usually arrives at the cold-storage facilities in the US between mid and late Dec., depending on the location of the facility chosen by the hunter and the route of the truck—any further shipping arrangements are the responsibility of the hunter. Our responsibility to the hunter ENDS with the cold-storage facility destinations in the USA. If a hunter needs his or her meat shipped elsewhere, the hunter is responsible for these secondary shipping arrangements and the cost of said arrangements; this is very important to understand. Also, cold-storage facilities in the US DO NOT provide any shipping services because they are not shipping companies, just drop-off points in the US for you to pick up your product.

Hunters must be aware that cold-storage facilities in the USA are NOT a part of Central NL Shipping, and therefore these storage facilities are not responsible for any problems that might arise. Any and all concerns should be brought to the attention of Central NL Shipping. This is particularly important issue because Central NL Shipping has lost the services of several storage facilities in the USA due to certain hunters having caused unnecessary problems in the form of complaints. These facilities have ZERO tolerance for behavior of this sort. Moreover, certain of these facilities require that you set up an appointment prior to picking up your product—when your product arrives at the facility of your choice, we will provide you with their contact information, and if it is necessary for you to set up an appointment, we will inform you of this—and we respectfully ask that you would maintain cordiality when setting up and following through with your appointments.

To give our valued customers ample time to pick up their product, we pay for the first 30 days of cold storage in the US. However, if a hunter does not pick up his or her product during this 30-day period, the hunter is responsible for any extra cost.

Enjoy your moose hunt! Aside from the wonderful experience of being in the great-outdoors, it is, after all, all about: “Gotta get me moose, boy!”