OUTFITTERS: Please be sure to pass along any pertenant information to your hunters before they leave.

We only ship ONCE a year, usually the last week in November. Meat will not enter the USA before that time, and we cannot guarantee any delivery dates. In the past, everything has been delivered by the third week in December. However, we cannot guarantee this due to circumstances that may arise beyond our control.

Destinations cannot and will not be changed once the boxes have been delivered to Central NL Shipping. Meaning, hunters must be given the correct list of destinations for the current year before they leave NL and before their boxes and paperwork are done. Or you can give them this website.

Each antler must have its own paperwork.

Orders cannot be combined. Each hunter must have his or her own paperwork for each animal, unless hunters hold a co-license.

A "Cities Permit" is required to ship bear-related products to the USA. We will not accept any bear-related products unless this permit accompanies the product being dropped off to us. (See "Checklist" for more details concerning this permit.)

Meat will only be accepted at the Boyd’s Cove cold-storage facility with a prior appointment—said facility is where all product received from Outfitters in NL is kept until shipped to the US. Once the hunting season begins, contact us concerning which days will be designated as pick-up days, for we will only show up at the facility to receive product if a prior appointment has been made by an Outfitter and/or a Butcher. Moreover, product WILL NOT be accepted unless labeling and paperwork are in order. Should you require Central NL Shipping to fix any paperwork errors, there will be a fee.

To accommodate our west-coast clients, we will meet with you every second week at the Irving Big Stop in Deer Lake to receive product. During the busiest times of the hunting season, we may make a trip every week. Once the hunting season begins, contact us for exact dates and times concerning west-coast pick ups.

Please ensure that each hunter is aware that Central NL Shipping will be shipping their product, and that the name of this company will appear on the individual's credit card statement.

Download / print the Hunter's Information Form HunterInfo